Type 301 ANSI

    O-ring design

    Single mechanical seal

    Big bore seal chamber

    1/4″ NPT flush and quench connections


Convincing Arguments!

ANSI / ASME B73.1 M … divides seal chambers into 2 categories. On the one hand an accordingly confined stuffing box is recommended for the use of packings, on the other hand a big bore stuffing box is recommended for the use of mechanical seals.

However, there are many users who still have packings on their equipment but would like to convert to mechanical seals. For these cases DEPAC offers a standard mechanical seal Type 301, which also fits in confined stuffing boxes up to 5/16″(7.94 mm).

For the large seal chambers DEPAC offers DEPAC various mechanical seal designs withO-RING, BELLOWS and ROLLED BELLOWS. Please refer to the corresponding sections.

The mechanical seal types shown here were developed specially for big bore seal chambers according to ANSI. They are also available with welded bellows and with rolled bellows.
For information about the use of cartridge mechanical seals in older pump versions and about converting from packings to mechanical seals please refer to the previously described DEPAC standard seals Type 270 and 301.

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