Stationary Single Mechanical Seals

O-ring design

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“Floating” safety seals

Convincing Arguments!

Applications in the petroleum industry involve the most diverse media, from water to highly volatile hydrocarbons, from chemical compounds to acids and alkalis.

For these manifold applications DEPAC has a matching array of mechanical seal designs withO-ring, bellows or rolled bellows. DEPAC offers seal alternatives which can be adapted in accordance with API recommendations in consultation with the user.

Only the O-ring version is presented as it alone can cover the majority of applications.

API also gives details of certain test values which the mechanical seals should satisfy or which the seal manufacturer should verify. Please consult DEPAC if you want these values to apply to the use of DEPAC mechanical seals.

As a precaution when using cartridge seals at operating pressures above 15 bar the user is required to drill the shaft or sleeve where the set screws are to be tightened or to secure the cartridge sleeves against axial slip.

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