Type 159

    PTFE (graphite) wedge

    Independent of the direction of rotation

Convincing Arguments!

DYNAMIC, unbalanced mechanical seals are produced for general applications. OEMs often buy this type of seal in large quantities. Whether the one or the other version is selected depends on the OEM’s preferences or on the conditions of use or installation at the customer end.

It is important to know that a dynamic mechanical seal with wedge design can damage the shaft surface with its axial movements. Such a seal should only be used therefore with shaft sleeves.

On seal versions equipped with a set of small springs, the pressure exerted on the seal faces is better and more uniform. This should be taken into consideration when selecting a seal.

It is easier to position mechanical seals when there are steps on the shaft sleeve, rotor or the like which can serve as locating shoulders.

Preference should be given to stationary faces which have elastic bearings to cushion shocks and vibrations from the equipment as far as technically possible.

For the various stationary gland types and sizes on the market, DEPAC offers a series of single seals – like this one – without stationaries.


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