Glands must be selected to match the stationary parts of the mechanical seals.
DEPAC offers a whole series of glands and adapters for the various stationary parts in its current portfolio as well as for other stationary parts already in use.

There is a confusing array of stationary parts on the mechanical seal market. It is quite impossible therefore to offer glands or adapters as replacements for all the stationary parts now in use. The glands and adapters available from DEPAC are intended mainly for DEPAC stationaries. Their suitability for use with other makes must be checked by carefully comparing the dimensions.

In the case of cartridge seals with 1/4″ NPT connections on the gland, the connection directions are not always ideal for existing feed lines or installation spaces. For such cases DEPAC offers an adjustable adapter – Type 480 – for better connectability.

Many mechanical seals from other manufacturers have no flush connections. With other seals it is impossible for design reasons to provide a flush connection on the gland. To enable flushing even in these cases, DEPAC offers its Type 490 flush bushing for installation between the pump housing and the seal gland. As a special feature this flush bushing guarantees tangential flushing with a single 1/4″ NPT connection for both directions of rotation of the shaft.

Metals: DIN 1.4571(316SS)
Dshaft: 18 … 100 mm / 3/4“ … 4“

Other sizes, materials or design versions on request.

With these parts DEPAC can provide conditions for optimum and easy installation of mechanical seals.